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The Story of our fish

Our new fish tank

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The story of our Fish

Before the fish arrived the fish tank was empty for 2 weeks so that the bacteria could build up to make the water suitable for the fish. Our fish are babies and will grow to adulthood. They will change colour and there will be lots to watch as they mature. They are intelligent fish so they will be active.
Conor Cooney, the owner of Mutznutz, a petshop in Walkinstown has kindly donated the fish, the fake foliage in the tank and the fish food and he will guide us in taking good care of our fish.
Conor said that he will bring 2 new fish every 2 weeks until we have our full compliment of 6 fish.

Care of the Fish Tank

Gary in Senior 5 will be the chief caretaker. Gary has nominated Dylan as the second person to look after the fish if Gary is not in school.
Every evening Gary must turn out the light in the fish tank and every morning he will turn the light on. The fish need to rest at night just like people.
Gary will feed the fish once a day and he has to be careful not to give them too much. He just gives them a little bit on the top of his finger.
The water filters in the tank have to be cleaned every 2 weeks and the water needs to be topped up.


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